Welcome to Breen Auction Group

The Breen Auction Group would like to welcome all existing clients and potential clients to our new web presence! We are extremely excited about the growth of our business in not only the auction arena but also in the area of workstation installations and Green Star projects.

We are extremely proud to manage and promote our unclaimed goods auctions on behalf of the Victoria Police and Sheriffs Office for the next 3 Years. These auctions have become extremely popular since being awarded this contract two years ago and are attended by some 100 buyers each auction.

Our reputation in managing catering auctions has also continued to grow over the years and this website demonstrates in isolation our experience and capabilities in this auction category. Our strength is our ability to consolidate assets over a two month period and managing a large exclusive auction with a dedicated marketing campaign to support our vendors.

Our office furniture auction division has gone from strength to strength in recent times with a weekly average of 1200 assets being sold. This has consolidated the Breen Auction Group as Victoria’s largest seller of second hand office furniture.

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Green Star Initiative

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The Breen Auction Group is extremely passionate about reducing the amount of workstations and furniture that is sent to the land-fill each year. Our Green Star Fit-out Program is a perfect way to re market and re use office furniture that still holds a retail value and is a good fit for the image of our clients…more »

We use registered builders

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Our greatest selling point apart from price and quality is the added value of a registered builder installing your workstations. Our clients can all breathe easier knowing that the installation is of the highest quality! …more »